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  • How long does it typically take to get my Custom Poker Table?
    Great question, the answer is: "It depends". I build every table by hand, in my shop in Hooper, I don't have employees or automation equipment. Generally, the build time is a couple of weeks, but this timeframe can be severely impacted by the complexity of the build, or the number of orders pending when you placed your order. In some instances, we may see shipping delays on some of the items required to complete your build. I give status updates when it is getting close to finished so that delivery/pickup can be arranged.
  • Will you send pictures of the build in progress?
    Simply put, no. I may send pictures if I have a question about particular placement or other features, but usually a picture I send would look like a piece of wood. That's not fun for anyone. When I am in the shop, I try to limit distractions so that I can complete as much work as I can each time.
  • Is building poker tables your full-time job?
    No. I have a full time job, full time family obligations, attend Weber State Universtiy part-time, and I run another small (seasonal) business in addition to building poker tables. Due to these circumstances, I will sometimes limit orders so that I will have time to complete everything. If you are quoted a long lead time, this is why!
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes. I mean, I don't personally deliver very often, but will if it is close or I can't get my delivery expert to make a drive. Delivery usually starts around $150 depending on where you are located. My delivery expert will also help set up/assemble your table and make sure everything looks great, so there are some perks to paying for delivery service.
  • Will a poker table fit through my door?
    Absolutely. In all the time I have been doing this, I have only found one stair/door combo that we weren't able to negotiate. (The customer ended up having to remove a window to get the dining topper in the basement) If you order a solid leg/base table, the legs/base are removeable, making it easier to get your table where you want it.
  • Do you make folding poker tables?
    No. All the tables that I construct are solid. Tables come standard with folding legs, but the table itself will not fold. If space is a concern, I offer different sizes of tables to fit your home. Check out the dining toppers that turn your poker table into a dual purpose functional piece of furniture!
  • Why don't you make octogon tables anymore?
    Upholstery. Octogons have so many angles, it is a very time-consuming project to upholster an octogonal shaped table. So I was going to have to raise the price substantially. I decided in early 2021 that I would discontinue octogon tables for this reason. I still make round tables if that is more your style!
  • What is the best way to get my table started?
    The best way to get your table started is to call or text me. 801-309-4372. I can go over the options you like, and let you know what will work with your vision. Prior to starting any build, a deposit is required. I accept deposits via VENMO, Zelle, Paypal, Cashapp, or good old fashioned cash. I can provide you a receipt for your deposit if you would like one. Also, deposits are non-refundable. This is a must, and here's why: When you or anyone else places an order for a new table, generally there are some up-front costs to me. This is especially apparent for custom fabrics, shufflers, charging ports, and bases. Although I stock many items, there are some that I must order specific to the table options that you have selected. If an order is cancelled after I have ordered these items, they are not returnable. Prior to requiring a deposit, I had some cancellations that just never returned my call or text when it was time to pickup the table. This left me with a table to store and market, when I generally don't have the space to do such things.
  • Do you have stock tables ready to pick-up today?
    Sometimes! Not usually, but sometimes I have time in between custom builds to make a stock table. They tend to go really fast when I do, so even when I have 1 or 2 ready to go, you need to really jump on and scoop it up before it's gone. When I have in-stock inventory tables, I will post them on KSL, FB and IG: Visit my FB page and give it a follow so you can find out about inventory tables ASAP!
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