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Dining Topper
  • Dining Topper

    Turn your poker table into a dual purpose piece of furniture! Topper is constructed of Cabinet grade plywood, with milled lumber skirt. The edge trim is simple, and may vary. Topper lifts off to present your beautiful poker table underneath. The dimensions of the topper are 96"x48"- So your table will need to be sized a few inches smaller to accommodate. 


    IF you are planning on getting a topper eventually, but not right now, please let me know so that I can make the adjustments to your table to fit it in the future. 


    Stained the color of other woodwork on your table. 


    *Toppers are heavy, and bulky. Suggested that 2 people lift the topper off the table. Never drag the topper on the poker table as this could cause damage to the armrest.